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Advanced Car Wash Solutions Water Conservation 

Advanced Car Wash Solutions features the most advanced car wash technology in the world, including water conservation, recycling and purification systems.  Our water recycling and conservation has been a model for some of the best carwash companies in the world to emulate.

We treat and re-use up to 80% of the water in the carwash, which saves as many as 3 million gallons of fresh water per year, per location!  We use far less fresh water than most carwashes, restaurants, and other water users, and consequently far less municipal sewer. Because we use less fresh water, and clean the water before we send it to sewer, this reduces our burden on the municipal sewer systems.

With advanced purification, high speed filtration and separation, plus the use of reverse osmosis treatment, We are able to clean your vehicle much better than traditional carwashes which rely on fresh water only.  We can use as much as 3 times the volume of water for cleaning, rinsing, washing and bottom blasting as most carwashes, due to our advanced water recycling methods!

Advanced Car Wash Solutions cleaning systems are safe and gentle for your cars, but they pack an incredible cleaning punch.  All of our solutions are tested and certified safe for our custom wash systems, and 100% biodegradable. Everything we use is returned to the environment safely.

Our solutions are customizable for the differences in seasonal cleaning, and computer controlled at each carwash for the optimum cleaning, maximum shine and protection.
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